Welcome to Bagup the home of Altrincham & District Angling Club.

Altrincham & District Angling Club was formed seventy years ago this year, so to mark the clubs 70th birthday we have decided to try an encourage more younger members into the club any junior member under the age of 16 can fish our waters for free.

All we ask is that the junior member is enrolled by a current member or by an adult who is joining the club. 

We firmly and honestly believe that the fishing enjoyed during the formation of this Club, can still be had on tranquil under fished Meres, lakes, rivers and ponds, controlled by it today. It has also been a concern of the committee for a long time that there are very few youngsters enjoying the fresh outdoors and making long lasting memories, like we did as kids.

So come on, don't miss the opportunity and get a youngster into the sport, and who knows there could be a world champion or TV personality in the making.

Download and print off the application form on page 3 fill it in with their details and mark it junior member, send it accompanied by your form and fee if you are joining; or with your membership subscription if you are a present member and send it to the

Membership Secretary. The address is on the form.

All juniors have to be accompanied whilst fishing by an adult full member.

Club Forum, Of-line at present.

Hopefully it will be restored in the not too distant future.

2018 New Member Prices

                     SENIORS      £25.00       £55.00       £80.00
Includes Map Book. Car sticker and Key.      
                   PENSIONER      £25.00       £45.00       £70.00
             INTERMEDIATE (16 - 18)      £25.00       £35.00       £60.00           
                  JUNIOR (11 - 16)     No Charge       No Charge       No Charge
UNDER 11 AND NON-FISH    No Charge      No Charge      No Charge


Download the application form on page 3. Adobe PDF Required.

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